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The Satirical Side of Seeking Sanity

Submitted by on January 29, 2011 – 11:58 pmNo Comment
The Satirical Side of Seeking Sanity

Humour May Just Be The Best Medicine

If our lives for the most part, didn’t portray a series of calamitous events, it could be a considered a Satirical Sojourn nevertheless. Normally I take the state of one’ own health condition quite seriously, but this time, I feel that humour may just be the best medicine.

You want me to what? You’ve got to be kidding me, right? You’re asking me to relinquish my life support, my dependency and jeopardise my own sanity? Are you crazy, how do you think I’ve managed to Survive in Silence all this time. And stay on top of my hellish depression?

Self-Medicating and Self-Experimenting

Now you’re recommending that I go on anti-depressive medication. Why, when I’ve spent many years self-medicating, self-experimenting without any tangible benefits or success? In summary, you’re now also advising that as a result of my self-medicating and self-experimenting lifestyle, that my ‘state of health’ condition has begun to decline. More important, that I am at risk to diabetes, chronic disease and cancer.

You’re also saying that if I don’t adhere to the “healthy lifestyle’ message, if I don’t make the necessary “healthy lifestyle’ changes immediately, then I will probably suffer a premature death. Astonishingly, your prognosis has just cured my depression. But now I’m feeling suicidal.

Change For The Sake of Change Isn’t Enough Motivation

Without question, many people are already aware of the long term harmful implications of self-medicating and self-experimenting, even so, why aren’t they heeding the “healthy lifestyle’ message? After what they’ve already experienced, change for the sake of change isn’t enough motivation. How could it be?

They need much more, than avoiding a premature death sentence as their source of motivation. They instead, need a preventive healthcare strategy that provides reassurance. That provides tangible solutions that identifies the cause and effect reasons for why they were feeling like ‘cold hard stale crap’ in the very first place.

Embrace Powerful Positive Change

Only when their underlying doubt, fear and apprehension has lifted, are they willing, are they able to embrace powerful positive change. How is it even possible to just switch one’s mindset? Or begin adhering to the ‘healthy lifestyle’ message otherwise? Even more so, after one’s diet and lifestyle for many years, involved intentionally consuming a concoction of toxic chemicals? 

I find it absolutely fascinating that even after being presented with a choice, between a ‘healthy lifestyle’ and a noxious alternative, we happily opt on consuming a “concoction of toxic chemicals’ nevertheless. When did our psyche become reprogrammed to believe, to accept, that these avoidance and denial strategies are okay? More alarmingly, when did it form a new reality, that ‘digesting poisons’ is really cool?

The Ego Mind’s Ass Moaning Behaviour

Even before we begin adhering to the “healthy lifestyle’ message, we first need to appease the Ego Mind. Do you remember what the Ego Mind resorted to, the last time you pursued positive personal change? Even more so its childlike antics and shameful Ass Moaning Behaviour.

Even if you possess an iron willed mindset, you could be forgiven for withdrawing and for discontinuing to Fight the Fight. Have you ever noticed, when it doesn’t get its own way, how the Ego Mind can turn toxic in a heart beat? Its defensive demeanour is always prepared to ‘pay out’ at every opportunity.

Without question the Ego Mind wants to be king of its domain. It takes great delight in being in charge, in control and being the Cop of our Consciousness 24/7. The Ego Mind isn’t at all interested in our social and emotional intelligence, harmony, happiness, health and well being. There’s no disputing this whatsoever.

The Ego Mind Is A Formidable Adversary

What makes the Ego Mind such a formidable adversary? It’s a master manipulator, supreme opportunist and emotive sabotage strategist. The Ego Mind wants nothing more than to be the Puppet Master of our will power. The kill joy tactics it applies to ensure that we remain disempowered, enslaved and subservient to its every whim is absolute ingenious.

If we are to succeed at fulfilling our life purpose, it’s paramount that the Ego Mind is tamed. Just imagine what it would feel like if we were able to tame the Ego Mind. And also utilize its powerful scope of influence as a positive source of mentoring and motivation.

Ego Mind Vs Innate Intelligence

Although the Ego Mind likes to call all the shots and take all the credit, it’s not always acting in our best interest. How could it, when for the most part, its fundamentally focused on being the centre of attention. But not necessarily for all the right reasons.

Because of our many astonishing multidimensional aspects and design, the source of our true intellect comes from one’s innate intelligence. Because of this, is it any wonder that the Ego Mind feels insecure and likes to act important. Even more so when it feels like it’s being ignored. You can be assured that when nothing else works, the Ego Mind will always revert to its childlike antics and shameful Ass Moaning Behaviour.

Chris Vellis – Thursday Island, Queensland Australia

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