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Metaphysical Energy Healing encompasses a holistic pathway to personal development and empowerment.

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The Book

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The Book

This book contains an abundance of empowering insights, techniques and resources to help you experience your own extraordinary healing and transformation. It will provide great comfort, peace of mind and immediate benefits to anyone who is seeking guidance, clarity and validation in their lives. It is dedicated to helping you answer many of your heart-rending and soul-stirring questions.

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Dare to dream, aim high and aspire to experience the benefits derived from this book. Accompany Chris on this magical and miraculous journey where you will encounter some amazing discoveries about this “game called life”. Not only will your discoveries excite, energise and empower you in the very first instance, but also encourage you to experience many for yourself. Here are but a few of the transformative life-changing insights and opportunities you will find within the pages:

  • Discover how you can reinvent your identity and live the life you’ve always wanted.
  • Discover why you are here, your energetic signature of significance and your higher purpose.
  • Discover the astonishing, multidimensional aspects and gifts of your duality.
  • Discover what’s really behind your many health afflictions, including chronic illness and depression.
  • Discover the real reason why humans use only around 10% of their brainpower and even less of their body’s multiple energy systems. Find out why you may not be experiencing or enjoying Vital Energy Optimisation and how you can rectify that problem.
  • Discover why so many things aren’t always as crystal clear as they seem to be (such as in “Mind verses Multidimensional”).
  • Discover why the Ego mind wants to be boss and “King of its Domain”.
  • Discover how to survive any “grand zero” crisis and to draw on its sometimes hidden positives for inspiration.
  • Discover that healing comes in many forms, seen and unseen, magical and miraculous.
  • Discover the holistic correlation that exists between your own emotional intelligence and your body’s multiple energy systems. The associative functionality that these “cause and effect” scope of influences have on your quality of life, health and well-being is nothing short of extraordinary.

Past, Present and Future

This book is testament to one man’s introspective, inspirational quest of discovery during which he learned that the past held the key to setting him free. You will find that once you’re feeling free, you can transcend your present to a “level playing field” of your choice. Only when you begin experiencing real equality, freedom and validation can you become excited, energised and empowered about life itself. When this occurs, you are able to magically and miraculously manifest (with minimal effort) whatever your mind, heart and soul desires and dreams for your future.

Who Else Could Benefit from This Book’s WOW (Words of Wisdom) Factor?

Professionals who are keen to explore and embrace a holistic framework approach to their existing service delivery. Anyone who works with clients, staff, students, customers or guests in assorted public organisations and private business sectors such as:

  • Health Organisations and Health Care Professionals: Anyone who specialises in health afflictions, including chronic diseases, depression, mental illness, anxiety, addictions, phobias, fears, aggression, violence, worry, stress and suicide.
  • Educational Organisations and Libraries: Anyone who specialises in all areas of learning difficulties, including chronic shyness, low self esteem, problems with confidence and self belief, and conditions such as Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Any programs, projects and activities associated with social and emotional intelligence, self help, personal development and empowerment.
  • Law Enforcement, Judiciary and Correctional Services Organisations: Anyone in psychological and psychiatric services, which includes the study and observation of unexplained, extraordinary human behaviour. These may include complex denial and avoidance strategies, and ingrained, unexplained innate programming which contribute to extreme and senseless acts of drunken violence, the subservient situation of domestic family violence, sexual abuse, paedophilia, incest, unhealthy and immoral relationships, adverse attitude, repetitive patterns of behaviour, dependency, and detrimental choices and lifestyle.
  • Human Resources: Anyone who works with personal and professional development programs that seek to improve workplace relationships, staff appreciation, equality and respect.
  • Fitness and Weight Loss Centres, Enhanced Health and Well Being Centres, Personal Trainers, Sports Motivators, Life Skills Coaches, Trainers, and Mentors: Anyone who works in personal and professional development programs, enhanced relationships, appreciation, equality and respect that embrace a holistic framework approach.
  • All Metaphysical Energy Healing Practitioners, Associative Professionals & Services: Anyone who works in multidimensional energy healing modalities. This book also provides a comprehensive Client Resource and Guide.

Multi-Genre Aspect and Appeal

Magic and Miracles Minus the Mayhem is a multi-genre book which includes:

  • an inspirational message of hope, faith, and compassion. It sincerely encourages you to discover your own innate Sense of Spirit, Cosmic Connection and Life Purpose,
  • many esoteric, spiritual and multidimensional concepts, beliefs, values, insights, techniques and resources that will help you to encounter your own Shift of Consciousness experience, and
  • much more than the archetypal self help, personal development and personal empowerment book. Its inspiring, introspective life story representation allows you to venture into the inner sanctum of Chris’ own mind space. As a result of its comprehensive mindscape insight and content, the title could have easily been called “The Magical and Miraculous Esoteric Makeover Manual”.

While this book took two years to write, its esoteric insights, knowledge and wisdom stems from many lifetimes. Just prior to its completion, Chris was informed that his previous past lives count had exceeded 5000 (please note that this particular past-life information is not mentioned in the book).

The information in this book will have you not only questioning whether you’ve been here before, but how many times?

This book includes many extraordinary encounters, experiences and energies which are undeniably soul stirring. The essence of those special moments was recorded as:

  • personal poems,
  • assorted photos,
  • metaphysical energy healing session transcripts and personalised testimonials. The complete audio recording of two of these profound and empowering sessions can be downloaded from Chris’ website and the participating metaphysical energy healing practitioner’s website, and
  • the book is also available in electronic form as a PDF file.

What Inspired Me To Write this Book

I sincerely wanted to help those who were enduring their own “ground zero” encounters. From personal experience, I questioned why repetitive patterns of adversity kept occurring in my life. I needed to know the reason why my soul was not at peace.

What began as a “will to succeed” quest of survival resulted in a predestined, 12-year study of my Magical and Miraculous Esoteric Makeover. I had to share this information with as many people as possible. I had been doing so in a limited capacity, but all that changed when my soul’s highest purpose to write this book yearned to be fulfilled.

My Great Leap of Faith opportunity presented itself in May 2008, and I didn’t hesitate to begin the magical, miraculous and life changing adventure of writing my first book. What makes the entire experience even more astonishing to me was the exponential soul growth and evolvement that I encountered in doing so.

My soul’s highest purpose and essence also entails becoming an advocate for the many amazing metaphysical energy healing practitioners both in Australia and globally, the accomplishment of which is something that excites, energises and empowers me. In order to fulfil my purpose, I have embarked on an amazing adventure and journey that is very dear to my heart.

Contact details:
Chris Vellis
Phone: 0428 179 313
Thursday Island, Queensland Australia

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