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Resources FAQ

What Makes This Website So Unique?

It’s my heartfelt intention to help and heal as many people as possible. It’s fundamentally focused on the concepts, beliefs and values of holistic healing. To successfully achieve this its absolutely paramount that this website function on a basis that is gimmick free.

Global Financial Crisis

It’s also my way of helping to offset any adversity created by the Global Financial Crisis. By letting others know that someone else genuinely cares, it helps restore hope and faith in each other and that someone else does have their best interest at heart. If you’ve ever experienced a ground zero encounter, the very last thing you want is to feel pressured into unnecessarily squandering any of your precious resources in the pursuit of false hope and opportunity.

Why am I Providing all these Resources FREE?

Have you ever heard of an inspirational phrase, or read the book or seen the movie called Pay it Forward? This movie evolved from a book written by Catherine Ryan Hyde (which I haven’t read). Be sure to also click on The Book link to read the fascinating author interview with Catherine.

This is what I sincerely aim to achieve. By helping to pay it forward to those most in need, I am hopeful that it will also inspire others to pay it forward in kind. This being how I greatly benefited from the many generosity of spirit acts of friendship, kindness and goodwill gestures that were bestowed to me.  Had this not occurred while enduring the adversity in my own life, I’m not sure where I’d be today.

Truly, there’s nothing on earth that comes even close to experiencing those positive heart rending and soul stirring sensations of utmost gratitude. Even more so, when we encounter the hands of compassion magically and miraculously appear before us. You’ll know what I mean if your only companions beforehand were absolute disappointment, darkness and despair.

What Do I Hope To Achieve?

I would like to help as many people as possible to aspire to fulfill their own dreams, goals and wishes. No matter how small or how grand, no matter how ordinary or extraordinary, no matter what it is, or whether it entails living a simple life or seeking stardom and success. We all seek and strive for what our heart and soul desire. While this is different for each of us, it’s also very important that we are given the opportunity to fulfill this for ourselves. Nothing would delight me more.

What are my own Aspirations?

One of my predestined quests is to be an advocate for holistic health and metaphysical energy healing practitioners and associated professionals. I would very much like them to be sincerely welcomed and embraced into the conventional health-care system. There’s no question that prevention is the preferred key in any model or approach to health care.

This being essential if one is to successfully seek out happiness, harmony, excellent health and well-being. Based on this premise, there’s no doubt that holistic health and metaphysical energy healing practices provide the MASTER KEY system and approach to this occurring 1000 fold.

If a MASTER KEY system does exist, why would you intentionally ignore its many benefits? Especially when it can be accessed easily, quickly and naturally to successfully unlock the secret aspects of our own health conditions.

Why Aren’t Some Of These Resources Free?

While NOT ALL these recommended resources are free, I have included them nevertheless. This I have done with the very best of intention and with your best interest at heart. I felt it was important to provide you with the choice to access as much positively extraordinary, once in a life time and palace of possibility opportunities as practically possible.

I am confident that you will find their content very interesting, informative, insightful and inspirational.

Can I Help Support This Website?

Yes, absolutely. That would be most appreciated. You can help support this website by referring any similar self help, personal development and empowerment website links? Could you please e-mail me any appropriate links and provide a brief note outlining their concepts, values and beliefs

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