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Personal Development Secrets Survival And Success – Part 1

Submitted by on August 11, 2010 – 11:05 pm4 Comments
Personal Development Secrets Survival And Success – Part 1

Personal-Development-Secrets-Survival-And-Success- Part 1

WOW (Words of Wisdom) Factor

A very wise man once said something to me that had a positively profound effect on my soul. Most interestingly, it had the same thought provoking influence on this wise man when it was said to him many years ago.

While I didn’t fully comprehend the energetic signature of significance of this profound message, or why he felt the need to share it with me at the time, I am forever in his gratitude that he did. This what he said to me “where do you see yourself in five years time”. That man was my father.

I Momentarily Froze in Fear

Feeling stunned from the shock waves experienced by my soul, I momentarily froze in fear. Most fortunately he never pressed me for a response, but instead shared his own unique story of being asked that same question in a similar situation in his life.

As I was lost for words, hearing his story unfold pleased me greatly. Even more so, because it immediately defused any level of shame experienced on my part. As result of his insightful message it prompted me to stop, to think and begin seriously reviewing which direction my own life was heading.

Pathway of Personal Development

While I wasn’t totally clueless about this, and had already pursued a pathway of personal development for 7 years, it nonetheless had me quizzing myself whether I was successfully fulfilling this or not. Before long a series of rapid fire questions had entered my mindscape. Probably much more than I liked or could possibly answer.

While I felt that I had worked very hard at pursuing my pathway of personal development and that it had positively enhanced and transformed my life, I still didn’t have a master plan. More important, I didn’t know what my life purpose entailed? If not for this reason alone, the question my father had asked me, produced much nudging from my soul.

Synchronicity of Spirit Revelation

This also produced an amazing Synchronicity of Spirit revelation to occur. More than ever before, my soul yearned to be taken seriously. It yearned, No it demanded, that I continue fulfilling the same Quest to Belong which I had begun 7 years earlier. Astonishingly, once all those unsettling innate rumblings subsided, and I finally Got It! I did just that.

I also began attending to the unfinished business which I had started. From personal experience the best way I could achieve this was to go to the Source itself. So I sought professional Cosmic Guidance. This involved having a Life Direction reading from an amazing Metaphysical Energy Healing practitioner.

Why I had Experienced Much Adversity Through Acts of Self-Sabotage.

What I discovered not only provided me with many positively profound psychic insights about myself, my past lives, it also resulted in extraordinary healing and transformation. Including the reasons behind why some aspects of my life had been so challenging, and why I had experienced much adversity through acts of self-sabotage.

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  • I’ve recently started a blog, the information you provide on this site has helped me tremendously. Thank you for all of your time & work.

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  • Chris Vellis says:

    Thank you. Your sincere words of support is very much appreciated. Most interestingly, anything that is deemed to be a ‘quality holistic resource’ is guaranteed to contain and provide an abundance of magic and miracles. This being based on one of the many universal laws.

    Your Ebook ‘Pregnancy Miracle’ without question is testament to this in the very first instance. I absolutely admire the manner in which it has been marketed with such excitement, energy and eloquence. Congratulations dear friend.

  • Chris Vellis says:

    Thank you. Without a doubt, personal development holds the ‘Master Key’ to unlocking the many secrets of becoming a better person. Part 2 expands on this even more. At present my most recent blogs focus on an equally important topic, Healthcare.

    Essentially, it involves focusing on ‘Prevention and Preventative’ healthcare strategies and the implementation of “Holistic Health and Metaphysical Energy Healing” into the conventional medical system.