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Paranoia Behaviour or Paranormal Activity

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Paranoia Behaviour or Paranormal Activity

You may be surprised to discover that for the most part, we experience both. Their negative scope of influences on our psyche, can at best be quite challenging and at worst, absolutely nightmarish. At one time or another, we will all experience Paranoia Behaviour or Paranormal Activity.

As far as this being the norm, being the stuff of life that’s a given dear friend. Does this particular ‘state of health’ condition have a name? Absolutely, it’s much more common than many realise. It’s aptly called depression. On some level we’re all suffering from the affects of depression.

Sometimes its subtle scope of influence can be nothing more than enduring stress and anxiety. Sometimes it’s much more serious, much more debilitating and almost impossible to negate.

Looking For The Positives

Although depression can present itself without warning or invitation, it’s by no means Lights out, Game over or a Free pass to check out prematurely. With unconditional sincerity of heart, I pass no judgement on those special souls who already have or may have considered it.

Have I personally endured those hellish dark night of the soul encounters and been tempted to just opt out? Absolutely! But my desire to pursue my predestined cosmic contract more than inspired me to stick around.

Had this not been the case, I wouldn’t have discovered that life for the most part is a grand illusion. Not everything is as it may first appear, it rarely ever is. From that magical and miraclous moment on, I have been sharing these positively astonishing and extraordinary insights with as many people as possible.

Primary Cause of Self Medicating

It’s no surprise that depression more than anything, is the primary cause of self medicating today. Most interestingly, when given a choice between seeking medical support and opting to self medicate with socially accepted toxic stimulants, most prefer the latter. Would this be considered Paranoia Behaviour?

As human beings aren’t we supposed to be the most intellectually evolved species on this amazing planet? Based on this premise what has so many so Fearful of the Conventional Healthcare system?

Why do so many prefer to continue inhaling and digesting a concoction of socially accepted toxic stimulants nevertheless? Maybe there’s much more going on. Paranoia Behaviour may only be the symptom and not the underlying cause and effect that we’re all led to believe.

One’s Own Will Power, Mind Power and Innate Intelligence

Maybe the real culprit is Paranormal Activity. If so, it would more than explain why one’s own will power, mind power and innate intelligence is no match against its subservient negative scope of influence. More importantly, this may very well be the reason why many aren’t adhering to the Conventional Healthcare message.

Before real healing can occur, before our state of health condition and balance can be restored, any presence of Paranoia Behaviour or Paranormal Activity has to be removed.

For this to occur successfully, one needs to engage the professional services of a Complementary and Alternative Medicine practitioner. These professionals are also known as Holistic Health and Metaphysical Energy Healing practitioners.

Chris Vellis – Thursday Island, Queensland Australia.

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