Forever Young Essential Oils
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Do you want to be Forever Young? Do you want to be Forever Vibrant? Do you want to be Forever Joyful? You can be a Vibrational Match to all of the above and much more. …

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The Book

Magic and Miracles Minus the Mayhem…read about the book, download a free chapter and buy the book here


Metaphysical Energy Healing encompasses a holistic pathway to personal development and empowerment.

50 Basic Spiritual Concepts and Beliefs
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50 Basic Spiritual Concepts and Beliefs

A number of years ago, I came across this enlightening spiritual resource’ purely by chance (or so I had thought). Not only did I find its spiritual content quite refreshing, energizing and beneficial, it also managed …

Self-Publisher’s Marketing Guide
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This insightful guide can easily be applied to any other new business ventures.

Tapping For Kids
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Book Sample Chapter -Tapping For Kids by Angie Muccillo

Living With Soul
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Book – Sample Chapters Living With Soul-An Old Soul’s Guide to Life, the Universe and Everything by Tony Stubbs, author of An Ascension Handbook A Worldview that examines spirituality and living with soul

NLP 5-part Mini-course
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This is a 5-part course revealing powerful secrets to boost your self-esteem, increase your confidence and much more….

Get Paid For Who You Are
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The author is giving away copies for charity. Get Paid For Who You Are – 5 Steps to Financial Freedom, Time Freedom, Location Freedom and Inner Freedom

NLP 10 Week E-course
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NLP 10 Week E-course

Kryon Channellings
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Kryon Channellings

Astonishing – Psychic Channellings. Over 90 different Kryon Audio Mp3 Channelled recordings (75 hours) – Absolutely FREE.

Free Psychic Readings
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Free Psychic Readings

Astonishingly, this website provides a comprehensive range of esoteric resources absolutely free of charge. Including; Free Psychic Readings – Natal Chart, Numerology, Chakra and Tarot etc…. If you’ve ever been at all curious about the …

Past Life Regression
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