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Mystical Magical Miraculous Happenings On Thursday Island – Part 1

Submitted by on April 4, 2009 – 6:45 pmNo Comment
Mystical Magical Miraculous Happenings On Thursday Island – Part 1

New Earth Energies

It’s certainly an exhilarating time for many at present. Even more so, if you’ve been fortunate enough to have embraced the new earth energies. If you had, then you would also be enjoying a positively empowering shift of consciousness experience. Just how cool, how awesome and grand is that mystical place called the universe.

If I didn’t know any better, if everything I had experienced in this post had been written by someone else, I would have had my doubts that they instead, had encountered a heightened, excitable and imaginary state of mind. Astonishingly, as a result of what did occur it fused together all my own mindscape marbles nonetheless.

Grand Cosmic Plan

If someone had informed me about just one of the magical things the Grand Cosmic Plan had in store for me in the months of Feb/March, I would’ve been absolutely delighted. But to experience a number of events concurrently, would have probably stretched the elasticity of my imagination and visualisation skills to absolute breaking point.

Being told in advance would’ve been too surreal to contemplate. Even more so, as the thought of pursuing magical and miracles hadn’t even entered my mindscape. That’s not completely true, I had projected a number of other ideas out into Cosmos. However this was vastly different to what I had initially requested, or so I had thought anyway.

Daily Journal

I knew I should have written down all of my desired spiritual thought bubbles in my daily journal. Doing so would’ve allowed me to immediately connect with the amazingly timing, synchronicity and enhanced energies that I was now experiencing. It would’ve also helped explain why many aspects of my life felt positively profound and extraordinary.

My First Book

But I did have a valid reason for not capturing it in my daily journal. There was a lot going on in my life and I hadn’t been absent minded. I was in the midst of writing my first ever book, which was earmarked for publication in July/August 2009. Quite possibly the magic and miracles I was encountering was in alignment with wanting to network with like minded, and like interested souls that would greatly benefit from reading my book.

What was transpiring in my life was an everyday occurrence to someone, somewhere on the mainland. But for one to experience it in their own tiny backyard and little piece of paradise called Thursday Island was most impressive. Thursday Island, when compared to the nearest city of Cairns, which is 800 nautical kilometres away and has a population of around 130,000 people, it’s not only very remote but its land mass is quite infinitesimal.

Love, Light, Fun and Magic always


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