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Mystical Magical Miraculous Happenings On Thursday Island – Part 3

Submitted by on April 4, 2009 – 6:52 pmNo Comment
Mystical Magical Miraculous Happenings On Thursday Island – Part 3

New Website Creation Business : 2 March 2009

Integrity and Love

The following day I received a forwarded e-mail from a South East Queensland Energy Healing colleague, who had highly recommended that of a new Website Creation Business. Without question it would’ve been the following, Absolutely Heartfelt, glowing comment and referral which managed to impress me the most, by far:


[They both work with such integrity and love.]


While it may have been quite a brief referral as such, in essence it spoke absolute volumes instead, I have pasted the relevant business and contact info from the above e-mail at the bottom of this post.


Exciting and Innovative Website Creation Business


Well that evening I jumped on their website and checked it out for myself. Every aspect of this new, exciting and innovative website creation business really got me pumped, so much so, I arranged an appointment to talk with Jeff the following evening. At the end of our discussion, of which provided the validation to which I had sensed all along anyway, YES this intuitively feels Good, and YES it feels Right too and because there was no doubt in my mind, I informed Jeff I was sold on the concept and I liked it very much and I would also be signing up for a new website tomorrow night.


Positively Extraordinary and Profound Period of Productivity


As a result of doing so the past 3-4 weeks, has been an absolute blur indeed (even more so than normal, if that was at all possible……………). Where my life had encountered yet another Positively Empowering Shift of Consciousness Experience. Much of what you see here on your PC screens today, has manifested itself during this Positively Extraordinary and Profound Period of Productivity, yes if nothing else, it’s certainly been one of a Magical & Miraculous time indeed, and one that I am unlikely to forgot in a hurry either.


On the evening of 1 April 2009 Jeff ran me through the final handover of my new website, where I got to take control of the reins, such to speak, and he even arranged to have the call digitally recorded into a MP3 file which I was able to download from my own website and save to my PC for future reference too. I am yet to send him a client testimonial of the exemplary service he provided me throughout, this I look forward to doing soon.


Feeling Excited, Energised and Total Exhilaration


Am I Excited, Am I Energised and am I feeling totally Exhilarated, Absolutely, Yes I Am Indeed…………….


Was the impeccable timing of the NLP workshop itself, just that of a sheer coincidence alone, I honestly believe not, particularly as the creation of this website is also in alignment with that of the Grand Cosmic Plan as well…………….It’s been one Positively Empowering Magically Carpet ride, of which has allowed me to soar to greater heights and experience the Magnificence and Abundance of the Cosmos and achieve so much in such a short space of time too.


Once I catch my breathe again, I’II return back to fulfilling that of my life purpose, of which includes my present project and passion of completing my first book, this being no doubt one of the many Esoteric reasons for this now incarnation, of which is sure to provide many more Mystical, Magical and Miraculous Happenings some time soon.


On Reflection


Just reflecting back to my first post, and primarily on what I had intentionally desired for myself beforehand, I have pasted that section below, I am sure you’ll agree with me that the Cosmos has unequivocally delivered on this and in record time too.


[Wanting to link up with and begin connecting with like-minded souls and those who would really benefit from reading my book too.


As well as networking with as many people as possible, particularly those who are interested in the same things as am I, and even more importantly, with those who indeed possess the Scope of Influence to make a Positively Empowering difference in the lives of many around the world too.]


Love, Light, Fun and Magic always





Hi guys


Veronica and I have just finished our new site and we’re pretty excited about it. It’s called thecatanddog.com – when you get a chance do take a look.


Also, do you happen to know any solo-professionals or small business owners who might want a website that, once we’ve built it for them, they can update themselves? We’re thinking massage therapists,

chiropractors, reiki practitioners, naturopaths, reflexologists, acupuncturists, consultants, osteopaths and the like.


I would very much appreciate your referring them to our website or to us, if you do.


Cheers and hope this find you well.






Simple websites that bring results


PS – old email address still works



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