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Metaphysical Energy Healing

Metaphysical Energy Healing encompasses a holistic pathway to ‘personal development and empowerment’. It promotes a number of safe, natural and non-invasive therapies that energetically enhance the client’s social and emotional intelligence. This includes the following:

Modalities, Techniques, Concepts, Life Skills and Experiences:

Reconnective Healing The Reconnection Distance Healing
Metaphysical Healing
Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)
Intuitive Guidance
Spiritual Guidance Crystal Healing

Psychological Reversal
Mind, Body and Spirit Association

EFT is also available over the telephone

My Personal Commitment

From a position of upmost esteem and compassion, I can help you feel excited and energised about everything in your life. I can help you discover your many astonishing hidden attributes. This alone, has the infinite potential to open up an amazing world and palace of possibilities. Just imagine experiencing and enjoying all that your heart and soul desire.

Discover what could be really holding you back, what could be preventing you from reaching your undeniable and infinite soul potential. There are so many adverse ’cause and effect’ scope of influence energies that hinder us all on a daily basis. Some are subtle, some are harmful to our health. Collectively they are eroding our quality of life and placing our lives at risk.

It’s common knowledge that the human body contains around 70 % water. But what many people aren’t aware of is, the body’s amazing multiple esoteric energy systems. These include the ‘Meridian, Chakra and Aura systems’.

The Meridian System

Just as equally important as the body’s circulating bloodstream, is our meridian systems. This also circulates throughout the body to perform its “essential functions to sustain life’. The meridian system plays a vital role to ensure a constant flow of Life Force energy. Whenever either of these crucial systems aren’t performing properly, our lives will experience chronic disruption, deterioration and may just shut down.



Most interestingly, a holistic correlation exists between these meridians that course throughout the entire body and our major organs. At certain points in the body these meridians are located close to the surface of the skin. These are called Reflex or Acupressure Points. Once they’re touched, tapped or stimulated they enhance the flow of Life Force Energy.

In Chinese medicine, this Life Force Energy is commonly referred to as “Chi” Energy. Not surprisingly, an esoteric correlation also exists between the vitality of one’s own Chi Energy and their overall level of Happiness, Harmony, Health and Well Being. If the meridian flow is hampered or obstructed in any way, the imbalance created also impedes the flow to one’s own Life Force Energies.

If this occurred, depending on the severity, it may intentionally trigger a physiological or psychological symptom. This may be experienced in the form of pain, discomfort or distress.

Our Body’s Innate Intelligence

What many people may not also be aware of is that, our body’s internal essential organs, including any cells, tissues, blood and bones play a far more important role. They don’t just function as independent super organisms or organic mechanical devices. Astonishingly, they posses a profound level of innate intelligence that is much more superior and complex. It does much, much more than preform millions of mundane tasks like; breathe, pump, purify, cleanse, consume, regulate, think, feel, express, monitor and protect.   


All our collective internal essential organs, play an amazing role of duality. They also perform other supportive esoteric functions that fulfil a special purpose. The amount of innate communication and data activity that flows within our own biology is positively extraordinary.

The innate intelligence of the human body isn’t just confined to our own biology. It’s also energetically linked and interconnected to all other life forms that inhabit planet Earth. Including our Environment, the Greater Cosmos and one’s own Psychological level of Happiness, Harmony Health and Well Being.

A bilateral correlation also exists between one’s ‘social and emotional intelligence’ and the ‘physiological’ aspects of their being. Any imbalances endured on either one, also experience any resultant scope of influence on the other. The body’s ‘innate intelligence’ can not only self-diagnose, self-analyse and self-restore itself, it can also preform miraculous healing. This ‘profound process’ can be magically enhanced many times more with the assistance of Holistic Health and Metaphysical Energy Healing. 

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