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Holistic Health and Metaphysical Energy Healing Practitioner Resource List

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Holistic Health and Metaphysical Energy Healing Practitioner Resource List

From that decisive moment in time when I first embraced spirituality into my life all those years ago, I had no concept of what this would entail. I truly believed that it was all about my salvation and survival from a premature death. Little did I know that it involved much, much more than I could’ve ever possibly imagined.

Astonishingly, I was finally sensing, finally awakening and responding to the positive nudging of my soul. As a result, I no longer felt sad, all alone or functioning on autopilot without ‘passion, presence or purpose’. All that changed after everything that I had sincerely desired and wished for myself, magically and miraculously manifested itself into my life.

This includes being provided with an abundance of love, support, guidance and extraordinary healing. For the most part this involved members of my cosmic family and a number of amazing, compassionate Earth Angels. I truly believe that I have been blessed, been privileged to have been introduced to and have worked with these endearing and enchanting Earth Angels.

As a result, my life has wholeheartedly benefitted from their collective positive extraordinary healing attributes. I have no hesitation in unconditionally recommending their services in the very first instance. Equally important, I consider them to be amongst the “Best of The Best” in their chosen area of heartfelt Holistic Healing Health expertise.

Their Cosmic Credentials and contact details can be found below. This includes a number of sincere business professionals who also support the concepts and beliefs found on this website:

Astro Alchemy/Astro Feng Shui

Simone Butler

Phone: 619 281-1417

San Deigo, USA

E-mail: simone@astroalchemy.com

Website: www.AstroAlchemy.com

I serve as a bridge between the unseen and the seen worlds: As above, so below. After 25 years, I’m an expert at translating what the planetary influences mean in your life, and how to time and understand events. My Astro Feng Shui system brings your immediate environment into the mix as a mirror of your inner self: As within, so without. More congruence between these parallel dimensions brings more happiness and prosperity.

My monthly essays on my website are read by people all over the world, bringing hope, understanding and insight into current planetary dynamics. I love to bring ritual into peoples’ lives, to suggest ways to empower oneself and come into alignment with the natural world. If astrology didn’t exist, I would have had to invent it!

Brenda Kay

Mobile: 0401 223 420

Ashgrove, Brisbane

Queensland Australia

Email: bkayart@gmail.com

Website: www.brendakayart.com

Brenda is one of my Five Special Spiritual Sisters http://www.innerpeaceandultimatefreedom.com/my-five-special-spiritual-sisters-and-me/

Casino Reflexology

Lorraine Smith

5 Teak Street

Casino NSW 4200

Phone: (02) 6662 4200

Colliers Crystals and Gifts

Lynda Colliers

Blackheath N.S.W 2785

Phone: 02 47 877 403

Fax: (02) 47 877 403

Mobile: 0417 215 630

Email: crystals@collierscrystals.com.au

Website: www.collierscrystals.com.au

Friendly, competent and knowledgeable advice provided by all staff members with discretion and privacy. We source quality crystals and mineral specimens, at affordable prices, including many rare and unusual pieces. We sponsor workshops and information sessions by local and international crystal healers and authors at our intimate venues.

Crystal Universe Wholesalers

Unit 6, 297 Ingles Street

Port Melbourne

Victoria. 3207


Phone: (03) 9646 1744.

Website: www.crystaluniverse.com.au/

DragonRising Publishing

The Starfields Network Ltd.

45 Gildredge Road Eastbourne

East Sussex

BN21 4RY

United Kingdom

Website: www.DragonRising.com

Publishers of metaphysical self-help and information books.

Earth Whisperer

Maggie Landman

Earth Healing For Harmony and Peace

(07) 3396 9203

Mobile: 0428 735 595

Queensland Australia

Email: maggie@maggielandman.com

Website: www.maggielandman.com

G and J Crystal Harmony

Jasmine and George Fricker

319 Lennox Street Richmond

Victoria 3121

Phone/Fax: (03) 9428 8000

Website: www.gjcrystalharmony.com.au

Heart and Soul Transformation

Vanessa Sumner

Phone: 0408 493 873

E-mail: healing@vanessasumner.com

Website: http://www.vanessasumner.com

Vanessa is one of my Five Special Spiritual Sisters http://www.innerpeaceandultimatefreedom.com/my-five-special-spiritual-sisters-and-me/

At Heart and Soul Transformations, Vanessa offers a range of services that opens up and creates a powerful opportunity for Healing, Transformation and ultimately Freedom so that each individual person may rediscover their love for life and awaken their heart to all there is. Vanessa is “real, honest and down to earth” and she is truly passionate about each person knowing at a heart level that they are Special and Unique and make a Difference to the World just by being in it.

Vanessa has personally experienced physical, mental and emotional pain and therefore can assist others to move through the blocks in their journey. At Heart and Soul Transformations, Vanessa works with clients from Caterpillar to Chrysalis to the Transformed Butterfly Emergence stages—which is her personal joy. We are all perfect, just in different stages of knowing this and assisting others to deeply heal, let go and transform. Vanessa is honoured to be working with the most powerful energy and vibrational healing systems in the world.

BodyTalk™ changed her life and since 2001 she has been working with this system to create transformation in client’s health, life, emotions and businesses on a global scale. Vanessa consults with in-person sessions as well as specialising in Distance BodyTalk™ and Healings anywhere in the world. You can address just about any emotional, physical, spiritual, mental condition with BodyTalk™. Because it is non diagnostic and non invasive, it is 100% safe, fast and the results continue to amaze both her and her clients.

When you ask the body what it wants in order to be happy and healthy on all levels, you will be thrilled with the answers. BodyTalk™ empowers the body–mind to heal itself naturally—that it already knows how is nothing short of magnificent. Vanessa also loves working intuitively with people and incorporating the energy dynamics of Crystals, Colour, Vibrational Essences, Sound Healing and more in her Heart and Soul Sessions.

Vanessa offers Intuitive Readings for clients to assist them with guidance, clarity and healing at the physical, emotional and spiritual development level, both in person and at a distance. Vanessa is also specialising in Harmony readings and healings for homes, businesses and land, by clearing energy blockages and raising the vibration of your living and working environment, this greatly assists energy healing of the earth and all who live upon it.

Psychic, Tarot Cards

Helen Louloudia (in person and also by phone)

Darwin, Australia

Phone: (08) 8927 8427

Email: allcleaningservices1@hotmail.com

Australian Bush Flower Essences

Ian White B.Sc,N.D.,D.B.M

Founder of Australian Bush Flower Essences

45 Booralie Road Terrey Hills

NSW, 2084, Australia

Phone: 02 9450 1388

Fax: 02 9450 2866

E-Mail: info@ausflowers.com.au

Website: www.ausflowers.com.au

Into the Light with Trish Regan

Trish Regan

Phone: 800-874-8555

Phone: 808-323-2731

Email: trish@trishregan.info

Website: www.trishregan.info

Trish Regan and her husband, Doug Hackett , co-founded Dolphin\Spirit of Hawaii in 1994 after a dramatic spiritual calling to “jump off the cliff ,” leave their professional lives behind, and move to Hawaii to work with the wild dolphins. They offer dolphin and whale swim spiritually based retreats in Hawaii and the Kingdom of Tonga. These are life changing and spiritually expanding opportunities with small groups of like-minded individuals dedicated to higher conscious.

For over thirty five years, Trish has been dedicated to the highest Truth and has used her keen intuition, her spiritual experiences and high-frequency connections with many Beings of Light to assist humanity. Her passion is to help people to find the core of their Being so that they can open their awareness of their true nature as divine beings. Trish offers Quantum Light Activations and Into the Light Soul Readings to help people to powerfully make the deepest connection with their soul’s wisdom.

She channels her client’s spiritual guides to answer questions about their soul’s journey and to bring high frequency tones into the mental, emotional, etheric and physical body to eliminate blocks to their spiritual expansion. These dynamic sessions create healing and keen awareness for one’s next step on their spiritual path. Trish offers inspirational products that enhance your spiritual journey:

Book Series—Essential Joy: Finding It, Keeping It, Sharing It,

Guided Meditations,

Quantum Manifestation DVD,

Whale Light Activation (healing with the whales), and

Sacred Partnership Teleseminar Series (preparing for the divine beloved).

She also travels globally offering many powerful workshops that enhance humanity’s evolution into the Light. Trish is passionate about Humanity Unites Brilliance, which is dedicated to moving humanity from survival to self empowerment to sustained abundance.

Intuitive Creative | Pure Design

Naomi Catherine Baker

Spiritual Intuitive

0410 627 449

The Mastery Logo™

The Mastery Collection™

Website: www.naomibaker.com

Light and Life Essences

Lynette Stronge

Nathan, Brisbane

Mobile: 0419 725 370

Email: stronge@optusnet.com

Website: www.lightandlifeessences.com

Lynette is one of my Five Special Spiritual Sisters http://www.innerpeaceandultimatefreedom.com/my-five-special-spiritual-sisters-and-me/

Lynette has worked with flower essences for over 20 years and with crystals for even longer. The Light and Life Essences are her own range of flower and crystal essences, which work on a mystical level of healing on the emotional, spiritual, mental and physical levels. These particular essences are unique in nature. When I first began using them they had a profound influence on my own psyche.

Lynette can provide assistance with Bach, Australian Bush Flower and Findhorn flower essences and is available to make up individual essences too. Lynette has also been a Reconnection Practitioner since 2004.

James Peters

Email: jpeters@dodo.com.au

James does an absolutely amazing job keeping many of us Lightworkers informed about any insightful or inspirational articles, features, cosmic events and news. I have received many e-mails from him since 2005, at least two of these e-mails appear in my book. I thank James for his exceptional Cosmic work, for keeping us all informed and united. Please don’t underestimate the positively empowering role that you are playing in our lives.

Natural Therapists

Jo Ross



Holistic Horse Health and Equine Products

PO Box 2476 Wellington Point

Brisbane Queensland 4160


Phone, Fax and Messages: + 61 7 3822 8534

Skype: eqitopia

Email: horses@eqitopia.com.au


XL Foundation Life Member: Profile—CREATOR/STAR

National Speakers Association Australia

Aust Natural Therapists Association

Lesley Whittaker

International Clairvoyant Medium

Cairns, Australia

Phone: (07) 4045 0794

Email: Lesley_whittaker05@hotmail.com

Lynn McAlpine

Mobile: 0414 227 131

Email: lynnmca1@bigpond.com

Lynn is one of my Five Special Spiritual Sisters http://www.innerpeaceandultimatefreedom.com/my-five-special-spiritual-sisters-and-me/

Millennium Education Pty Ltd

Jean Sheehan

( 07) 5641 4009 or 0414 758 360

E-mail: info@absoluteempowerment.com

Website: www.absoluteempowerment.com

Jean is one of my Five Special Spiritual Sisters http://www.innerpeaceandultimatefreedom.com/my-five-special-spiritual-sisters-and-me/

Jean Sheehan is the Principal of Millennium Education and Absolute Empowerment, an exceptional Medical Intuitive/Metaphysical teacher with over twenty years experience. She is a leader and expert in her field of facilitating enormous transformational change in anyone she meets. Millennium Education courses, including Medical Intuition and Awakened Children, are for those ready for the next evolutionary step of awakening to true potentiality, possibility and ascension to create an absolute empowered life.

These transformational courses are a combination of Ancient wisdom from Atlantis, Lemuria, ancient Egypt and new age quantum physics, to bring the consciousness of humanity to the oneness and Universal Mind of absolute love to all. All those wanting to open their life to abundance, prosperity, success and design your destiny will have the opportunity to do so with Jean Sheehan’s teachings, her tools and techniques. Millennium Education produces permanent feelings of fulfilment, and provides opportunities for you to create life where you know you can create anything and manifest miracles.

Past Life Regression Therapist (Dolores Cannon method)

Danijela Jakic

Melbourne, Australia

Phone: 0412 584 945

Email: info@yournewenergy.com.au

Website: www.yournewenergy.com.au

Reconnective Healers

Regina Foreman

Certified Practitioner of The Reconnection and Reconnective Healing

Ph: 0439 833 294

Email: reginaforeman@flexinet.com.au

Website: www.reconnectivehealers.com.au

Sonia Russian-Thomas

Mobile: 0438 849 113

E-mail: curry@flexinet.com.au

Website: www.reconnectivehealers.com.au

Remedial, Energy Medicine Practitioner

Phyllis Menos

PO Box 50,

Moonee Ponds, Vic. 3039

Phone: 03 9375 1622

Mobile: 0417032644

Website: www.corporatestressbusters.com.au

Spiritual Hypnosis

Sandra Fayers

Mobile: 0428 471 066

Cairns, Australia

Email: mysterys@bigpond.com

Website: www.spiritualhypnosis.biz/

Sylvia Wilson

Sylvia is a professional astrological counsellor, teacher, writer, lecturer and a practitioner of Australian Bush Flower remedies.

Phone: (07) 3200 5449

PO Box 515, Waterford, 4133, Qld, Australia.

Email: sylviawilson@optusnet.com.au

Website: www.qfa.net.au/sylviawilson.html

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