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If you would like to support any of the following “pay it forward” concepts provided and promoted on this website, your donations would not only be very much appreciated, it would help enormously in implementing the many amazing positive changes many are seeking at this time.

  • Free Resources: That enhance self help, personal development and empowerment.
  • Book-Magic And Miracles Minus The Mayhem: experience your own extraordinary healing and transformation. Dare to dream, aim high and aspire to experience the benefits derived from this book. Discover the holistic correlation that exists between your own emotional intelligence and your body’s multiple energy systems. The associative functionality that these “cause and effect” scope of influences have on your quality of life, health and well-being is nothing short of extraordinary.
  • Fulfilling my soul’s highest purpose and essence, which involves becoming a “full time” advocate for the many amazing metaphysical energy healing practitioners both in Australia and globally.
  • Promoting the many magical and miraculous benefits of Holistic Health and Energy Healing and having it embraced into our conventional healthcare systems.
  • The Grand Cosmic Plan: this involves the empowering New Earth Energies that will provide the esoteric enhancement, evolvement and sustainability of all humanity. An energetic alignment encom¬passing a unified world order which is essentially established and based on the fundamental principles of unconditional love, peace harmony, happiness, equality, excellent health and well being.