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Dear Prime Minister

Submitted by on March 26, 2011 – 10:01 pmNo Comment
Dear Prime Minister

Hope your day has been beautiful. My name is Chris Vellis. I reside on Thursday Island which is located in the Torres Straits of FNQ Australia. My predestined life purpose quest entails being a Change Champion for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CCCAM).

The beautiful angel and special soul (photo insert) most recently married into our large extended family. I was delighted to have met her for the first time earlier this month. I was also fortunate to have benefitted from her many healing attributes. She is just one of the hundreds of thousands that sincerely support the concepts of CCCAM.  

CCCAM amongst other things, encompasses being an advocate for “Holistic Health and Metaphysical Energy Healing” practitioners. While this role may be new to me, I am delighted to be bestowed such an honour and opportunity.

In absolute gratitude of being presented with this esteemed opportunity, I am delighted that I am now able to sincerely ‘pay it forward’.  The ‘cosmos’ in its awe inspiring and infinite wisdom, felt exceptionally confident that I had the right stuff, that I was the chosen one.

No pressure intended, I’m sure. If nothing else comes of it, at least I got to write a ‘blog style letter’ to the Prime Minister of Australia. If only my primary and secondary school teachers could see me now (if only, they could remember me).

New Concepts, Methodology and Evidence Based Practices

If you were destined for greatness, destined to encourage the ‘betterment of humanity’ wouldn’t you want to sincerely explore and experience all that this entailed? If you discovered many new concepts, methodology and evidence based practices that unequivocally supported this to be true; wouldn’t you sincerely want to embrace them without delay?

If you discovered that their collective benefits, exponential savings and palace of possibilities provided this generation (and the next) with an unsurpassed ‘quality of life’ wouldn’t you sincerely want this to be experienced by all your fellow Australians? If you discovered a group of compassionate ‘earth angels’ were already being of exemplary service, were already providing a comprehensive range of professional complementary and alternative healthcare services, wouldn’t you sincerely want them welcomed into the conventional healthcare system?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, wouldn’t you sincerely want to see these many gifted and great Australians given an opportunity to work alongside their conventional healthcare system colleagues?

Heartfelt Congress Speech

I very much enjoyed your inspirational heartfelt congress speech. More important, the admiration and respect that you paid the America people for putting a ‘man on the moon’. This includes your childhood belief that ‘Americans could do anything’. And the belief that you hold dear to your heart today, that ‘Americans can still do anything’.

Based on the premise of those positively extraordinary historic achievements, what’s holding Australia back from attaining greatness in its own right? What’s preventing Australia from being an Innovative, Dynamic ‘World Leader’ in the area of Complementary and Alternative Medicine?

Emotional and Social Intelligence-State of Health Condition

Truly, there’s no other service delivery sector that is as vitally important, that is reliant on “Health”. Our “Whole of Life-State of Health Condition” is primarily, is intrinsically linked to every other service delivery sector. If we can embrace Holistic Health to Heal, to Harmonize our ‘Emotional and Social Intelligence-State of Health Condition’ it will provide exponential benefits and savings in all sectors of the conventional healthcare system.

These same exponential benefits and saving will also be experienced by health’s many associative service delivery sectors. This encompasses ‘Whole of Life’ Education, Training, Personal and Professional Development organisations. Not to mention a most welcomed easing on the burden being endured by our Law Enforcement, Judiciary and Corrective Services organisations.

Dear Prime Minister

In energetic alignment with My 2011 Plantary Wish List, it would be very much appreciated if you could:

  • Please consider accepting an invitation to meet with a number of my Holistic Health and Metaphysical Energy Healing” colleagues and myself (Personal bias aside, I truly believe these Amazing Australians are amongst the “Best of The Best” in their chosen area of Holistic Health Expertise).
  • Please consider accepting an invitation to appear on an episode of SBS’s “Insight” (An amazing show with an award winning, endearing and enchanting presenter, Jenny Brockie. What do you reckon Jenny? is Australia ready for such a discussion? I truly believe so).
  • Please consider providing funding or additional funding for Complementary and Alternative Medicine research.  It would be just awesome, if Australia could aspire to achieve the same results, same status that is currently enjoyed at The Mayo Clinic in the USA.  Their Complementary and Integrative Medicine Program was founded in July 2001 as a program within the Department of Medicine at Mayo Clinic.

Yours faithfully

Chris Vellis

Thursday Island, Queensland Australia

 Mob: 0428179313

Author: Magic and Miracles Minus The Mayhem

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