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Chronic Shyness, Depression, Suicide and a Shooting Star

Submitted by on August 11, 2010 – 10:05 amNo Comment
Chronic Shyness, Depression, Suicide and a Shooting Star

What could they all possibly have in common?  They have all been a representation of my life. Have you ever thought about suicide?  Have you ever been tempted at all? Well, you might be surprised to know that you’re not on your own if you said “yes”. For whatever reason this taboo subject will negatively impact on all our lives, at least the once.

While this extreme human emotion may be seen as bizarre, it’s much more common than we realise. Although its underlying trigger may be different, its adverse repercussions are very similar. Including feelings of chronic shame, fear, failure, ridicule, insignificance and under achievement. Its “suffering in silence” trademark symptoms is what makes it almost impossible to detect. Because its psychological warfare is disguised, the behaviour of others may appear quite normal.

If you’ve ever encountered and experienced such a debilitating heart and head space, the last thing you want is to draw attention to yourself by blogging a SOS to the world. As if the torturous grip on one’s very own psyche isn’t hellish enough to endure. When one’s life is precariously close to being self-extinguished, maintaining confidentiality is crucial. From a vitality of life perspective one’s own life force energies are already functioning nearer to zero.

While coping can be nightmarish, all positive experiences help to quell the void, darkness and pain. But it’s the negative stuff (intended or otherwise) which poses the biggest risk to sending us over the edge. Because of our ultra sensitive state of fragility our emotions become exponentially heightened. Without the protection of our normal sensory systems, we become ultra vulnerable to verbal attack.

Even a comment made about us or directed at us in jest; can feel quite toxic to our DNA. Most interestingly, a blurring of reality has us innocently misinterpreting what’s really going on. Is this self-sabotaging act due to a cognitive dysfunction or biological behaviour? Is this a result of a defective cellular gene running rampant in our DNA? Is it the result of a randomly run, time line activated genetic program? Is it the multidimensional aspect of our being seeking to be nurtured in alignment with our soul’s desire?

Whatever the reason, lets de-stigmatise and stop suicide completely!
Whatever the reason, lets publicly acknowledge its common prevalence!
Whatever the reason, lets sincerely support those who are suffering in silence!
Whatever the reason lets refocus, revisit and re-resource it immediately!

Is the act of suicide, merely confirmation or validation of an unfathomable, unhappy and unfulfilled life? Is it the ultimate act of avoidance or is it the crescendo of all our denial strategies? Haven’t we all experienced varying forms of craziness, insanity and madness of the mind? Haven’t we all endured a chronic heaviness of heart, sadness and utter humiliation?

But what if it’s much more complex than this?  Like discovering what our soul really desires? Is this the common thread behind suicide? Is it a misconception that we have somehow failed the soul?
If so, it may help explain being consumed by an unimaginable void of nothingness and hopelessness This would also account for why it becomes our own personal mission, and not another’s responsibility.

What many don’t realise is, that suicidal behaviour does have its many quirky qualities. This includes confidentiality, loyalty, integrity, sincerity, honour, courage and discipline to “oneself”
Sadly for the most part, many view suicide as a “cowardly act”. This is not the case. Unless you’ve eyed balled the abyss and been beguiled into its inner sanctum yourself. You’ll never know.

You couldn’t fathom, appreciate or respect the magnitude of its hellish nightmare. One of the secrets to surviving suicide is realising that we truly haven’t failed our soul or anything else. If anything, we’ve only failed to energetically align and connect with our soul’s highest purpose. Now that’s quite a significant difference dear friend, perceived failure as compared to absolute failure.

This is the reason why we feel absolutely gutted, we yearn to experience our predestined soul success. Failure only applies if you call it quits now; otherwise it’s just another word without meaning or substance. I know you could give me at least 10 really good reasons why you’re past caring anymore. This I sincerely appreciate, respect and acknowledge in the very first instance.

I invite you to choose life itself. because you will not only successfully survive suicide, but you will also begin to encounter and experience and enjoy a positive life changing relationship with your soul. Including feelings of euphoria, love, joy, fun, adventure, happiness, harmony, excellent Health and Well Being, success, praise, achievement, respect, importance, acceptance, belonging and mastery.

Dear friend, I invite you to choose life itself, you have SO MUCH MORE TO GAIN than lose. You have so much more to look forward to, including discovering your own unique energetic signature.
You posses many amazing innate gifts which are yearning to be discovered to transcend your life. You have so many endearing and enchanting qualities that the world needs more of right now.

The inspiration for this poem stemmed from the hearing of tragic news this week from Darwin N.T. Suicide had claimed another young man’s life. I extend my deepest and sincerest condolences to this young man’s family and friends. Dear friend while we never met; I wish that your soul is forever at peace.

(Chris Vellis – Thursday Island, Qld – Author “Magic and Miracles Minus The Mayhem” 8.08.2010)

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