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Everyone has and can tell the story. It is easy. When a story-teller insists on paying attention to the details and the chronology of the events, it most of all requires honesty. It is a bit harder.
Through his life, which is evident through his book, Chris has made a conscious effort in merging of every particular detail of the event experienced with the feeling it imprinted upon his soul by which unforeseen learning opportunities have been created before him.
It took a lot of persistence, perseverance and determination to over time stay true to himself. Above all it took courage to expose oneself totally, with pertaining strengths and weaknesses that influenced his choices that in return shaped his Present. In the process Chris has been discovering and eventually has become living his life purpose.
Chris’s story has it all without make-up.
It has what. It has why. It has how. However, Chris encourages the need of readers to explore their own what, why and how because he acknowledges it as the only way for their soul to advance.

Danijela Jakic
Past Life Regression Therapist (Dolores Cannon method), Melbourne, Australia
In this heartfelt approach you will discover both practical and profound wisdom as Chris weaves his Journey from “Solitude to Soulitude” and, in aligning with his soul contract, transforms into a healer and communicator. This book provides a very interesting insight into someone that I have known for some time, but never truly knew.
It’s amazing how much more confident Chris has become and continues to become and I know that his journey will inspire a lot of other people and that his life will continue to vibrate at a higher and higher level too, because he wishes it to be so.

Regina Foreman
Certified Practitioner of The Reconnection & Reconnective Healing, Queensland, Australia
This book delivers a very personal account of a man’s continuing journey towards becoming an enlightened being. Chris weaves a story using his own life experiences with candid enthusiasm and humour. He delivers instructions, affirmations and meditations on how to achieve the potential your individual soul is craving.
This understanding and guidance will be a beacon for many people who are still on their own personal quest to discover spirituality. His generosity and positive energy is woven throughout the fabric of this book and is representative of its subject—the synchronicity of spirit.

Catherine Cowie ND. BA.
Queensland, Australia
Chris has written a profoundly honest book about his amazing journey to discover the Chris that he was always meant to be. He has put so much time and effort into sharing his journey, discoveries and knowledge so that others who wish to follow their own dreams and find the magic within themselves can receive a huge helping hand on their way.

Lynette Stronge
Light and Life Essences
WOWSERS! What a significant challenge getting your story into print. I appreciate you for the effort you put into it as well as the achievement of writing, rewriting, editing and re-editing which must have been done until you got to the final product. I found it to be an honest, humble and open narrative and very generous one in terms of your purpose to help anyone and indeed all of us to grow and reach our full potential.

I found a surprising number of points of similarities in your life and mine. There were also many of your insights that resonated with me: I am a firm believer in synchronicity, almost a devotee of Deepak Chopra most especially his 7 Spiritual Laws of Success and other ideas (your own) or published others that you mentioned. Thank You, Chris for taking the time to share your spiritual journey.

The part I liked most was your honesty and openness about your life  and for me you really captured the colour, taste, feel and sound of some of those very difficult confusing, disordered days and what you had to do to get through them and come out the other side….. I think there was in fact heaps of mayhem in your life and with a few miracles and a bit of magic you’re actually turning out fine.

Ciao Chris, Happy New Year!!!

Well its taken me THIS long to write to you,,,,,,,,,,,,hmmmm    how time slips away.

I read your book back in September when I went cruising and I LOVED it.  I wrote a few things down so here is what I wrote:-) Chris, you truly are/do affect so many people in the most positive, profound ways – You are a unique and amazing person!!!  Your book has/will touch so many and help so many through THEIR JOURNEY.

I know we all have a Gift inside of us however you have reached within and brought "it" to the surface to help yourself and humanity. I am so honored to have met you and to see all that you have achieved!!! I always thought you were very "in-tune" with yourself and as for communicating,,,,well, you come over loud and clear and very confident - amazing how we perceive ourselves though hey?

I can relate to a lot of what has gone on with you.  These challenges are always in Devine order even though we may not think of them as such at the time.  They in fact help us move forward to another level!!! (Just as well I waited to read your book while cruising as in my "normal" life time seems to always be of the essence.  Therefore I now have the time to read the book and thoroughly enjoy the many aspects of it. )

When I first pick the book up, I found it hard to read at times,,,,,,,,,,,,then I read between the lines,,,,,,,,,,,and CONNECTED!!! It's absolutely fantastic to see where you are headed - Congrats!!!  You have given us the in-sight and belief in ourselves, that we all have, and that is, the ability to Reach for the Stars. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

And thank you for the big smile on my dial from the bottom of my heart. I cannot understand why you 1,  gave me a copy of your "Magical" book and also my name as a reference, thank you sooo much though,,,,,,,,,,,,and 2, why have I stayed in your memories???   Although I do, down deep "know" but my "self" doesn't see.  

I was crying when I told Col, my husband, what you did and he just said "they just Love you",,,,,,,,,,, I suppose that we are all connected and that our Soul knows this and therefore we do these things. Again I am honored to be a "part" of your Magical Journey,,,,,,,,,,,,,, You have awakened in me a few things,,,,,,,,,,,,ah, ha's,,,,,,,

Sonia Russian-Thomas
Reconnective Healer