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Hello my name is Chris Vellis.

I help lots of people feel energised to discover and tap into an abundance of Magic, Miracles and Mastery they have within. So they can use this source of ‘pure potentiality’ to have whatever their heart and soul desire and deserve.

Chris – Before Awakening

In the year of 1958 I was born in Melbourne, Australia to my Maltese parents Joe and Mary Vella. Most interestingly, I was named Christopher Charles Vellis. Because I was gifted with beautiful olive brown skin, large hazel coloured eyes and jet black shoulder length hair, soon after my birth I attracted much interest and attention amongst the nursing staff.

Apparently at that time, my European looking features was something of a novelty. Especially when compared to most of the other babies born at that time, who were all fair skinned, blond haired and blue eyed. Naturally I can’t remember any of this extra attention as a baby or infant. But as I got older, I most definitely recalled wishing I was much more like them instead.

As a result of being much different (even to my own siblings) it provided a predestined pathway of adverse higher learning opportunities, encounters and experiences. For the most part, they weren’t a whole lot of fun, or could I fully comprehend why they occurred. Being an extremely shy, timid and sensitive child only made my predicament much worse.

On a positive note, I discovered that my particular pathway through life did have a higher meaning and purpose. This did allow me to encounter an enormity of Social and Emotional Intelligence Humanness Experiences. This also encompassed enduring just about every human emotion possible (with the exception of childbirth and death of course).

These collective “cause and effect” scope of influence experiences (more so the adverse ones) became my Source of Inspiration to wanting a much better life. The desire to begin seeking sincere peace in my soul occurred nearly four decades after my birth. What progressively happened throughout those next 12 years not only allowed an astonishing shift of consciousness and transformation to occur, but unimaginable, extraordinary and euphoric healing.

Throughout that profound period of personal evolvement I shared my beyond belief experiences with as many people as possible. But after I was presented with a golden “once in a lifetime” opportunity to write my first book in May 2008, my journey not only positively changed direction once again, it also transcended to a much higher dimension.

If not for this reason alone, the last 2 years of my life has witnessed an absolute abundance of Magic, Miracles, Mastery and Magnificence. Which is not surprising considering the name of the book, which is called Magic And Miracles Minus The Mayhem.

Here I am today and not much has changed really. Still in the Limelight and still as cute as a button (hee! hee!). Up until 3 Feb 2012 I worked with Queensland Health as a 'Supply Coordinator' at Thursday Island hospital. My health service provider period of employment spanned 11.5 years. During that time I was truly gifted to have met and worked with many sincere, endearing and enchanting "earth angel" nurses. On 1 March 2012 I left Thursday Island and relocated to Cairns Queesland. It's my now heartfelt desire to fulfill everything on my Cosmic Wish List.

Chris’ Cosmic Credentials – After Awakening 

Chris is a metaphysical energy healer who encompasses all things of a Cosmic, Spiritual and Holistic nature. Being a Cosmic Visionary, he is also destined to fulfil his many Galactic and Earth Tasks during this lifetime. While helping and healing those in genuine need at this time, he is also required to establish specific points on the globe where communication is deficient.

Chris is also a passionate advocate for all the gifted, talented holistic health and metaphysical energy healing practitioners and Lightworkers worldwide. His heartfelt desire and dream is to have the conventional healthcare system acknowledge this and embrace these special souls into the fold.

Throughout 2011 Chris published many “holistic healthcare” blogs on his website, these included articles on depression, suicide, sanity, paranoia behaviour, paranormal activity and mental health matters etc…  The most important blog of all was to the “Australian Prime Minister” Julia Gillard (26.03.2011).

In this blog Chris noted that his predestined life purpose quest entails being a Change Champion for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CCCAM). He also invited the PM to meet with himself, his colleagues and also to appear on SBS’s TV show Insight.

Chris is sincerely devoted to the betterment of humanity, and absolutely loves fulfilling the role of a Metaphysical Energy Healer, Earth Healer, Lightworker, Spiritual and Cosmic Communicator, Author, Philosopher, Poet, Teacher and Mentor. In between all the serious ‘stuff of life’ he also enjoys playing the role of a Cosmic Comedian.